We as the CodeweekAT ambassadors and I in my role as Digital Champion support the following and stand for Net Neutrality!

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“Our campaign is focused on advocating for strong net neutrality rules in Europe. Our main target is the public consultation organised by BEREC, the consortium of national internet regulators who represent the ISP throughout Europe. This summer, they’ll be deciding on their interpretation of the EU’s net neutrality regulation. The outcome could may affect the way the internet works for all startups and small upstarts, not to mention all of it becoming more expensive without the commensurate infrastructural development.

Here are the risks if we don’t get this right: 

  • a two tier system of the internet with premium ‚fast lanes‘ at the expense of speed and usefulness of other  traffic;
  • the zero-rating of major websites and services;
  • and the intransparent and unpredictable throttling of categories of data such as  VoIP or P2P traffic.

So much is in the balance, and it could all start a month from now.

It is perhaps ironic that people have found the easiest way to engage the public to in this debate is by using the internet. The internet is standing up for itself!  So far the campaign is edging towards 90000 responses. Considering that the average a BEREC consultation usually sits around 18.5 responses, and the biggest response before this one is at 74 people, it’s an overwhelming response to put it lightly. campign

HOWEVER, this may not be enough. While we have broad support amongst citizens, the EU regulators are particularly interested in business perspectives, and so far telecom lobbyists have been dominating that debate.

We need BEREC to understand that many online services owe their very existence to net neutrality, and that it’s a key condition for online competition and innovation.

Thanks for support! Let’s save the internet together.”
Best wishes for your endeavours,
Ray Nyamande / Writer and digital rights activist: AKVorrat/

How you can help:

Please sign up your name and organisation to our open letter where we call out the possible loopholes:

[1] Video:
[2] Individuals:
[3} Businesses:

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Digital Champion Austria for the EU Commission Digital Agenda / Founder Digitalks - Austrian Network for New Media / Media and Management consultant / Executive Board Member of Open Knowledge Foundation Austria / passionate about digital - open - diversity

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